My Galaxy Note has only run the Rogers stock gingerbread (lovingly root ed) and then ICS (also lovingly rooted).

I keep the Rogers rom because it seems to work better when roaming in the US.

I started having a problem where my galaxy note is reporting no Sim. The error message goes between saying there is an invalid sim and no Sim.


One of the error messages I got saying no Sim on my galaxy note. There was also a second more severe error that simply said no Sim was in the phone when there was.

Recently the phone started saying that no Sim was detected so much that my phone wouldn’t work for hours. I’d try restarting, and powering off the phone, removing and re inserting the sim all so it would randomly start working again.

Then I got a new sim card and the Galaxy Note refused to recognize the phone at all. I had to switch to back to my iPhone 3gs temporarily.

I did some research and found others with the same issue who ultimately ended up reinstalling from stock gingerbread and upgrading to ICS and then restoring their apps.


Before giving in to wiping my entire phone, I considered flashing the Rogers ICS modem to it again but read that didn’t seem to work.

It scared me that maybe my hardware might be defective, as well.

I decided to start clearing caches.

I cleared the Dalvik cache via ICS to no avail. This can be cleared by clockworkmod as well and it didn’t seem to do the trick.

So I gave in and started using titanium pro to back up my apps and phone to reinstall everything.

Miraculously, I came across a “Clear cache for user and system apps” setting that made my no Sim go away and the phone start working!


I ran this cache clearing in titanium pro to make my no Sim error go away

I enjoyed my phone several times since with my new sim and no issues!

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